Back in September I applied to the Loran Scholarship. I did not expect to hear back. I honestly applied for the sole purpose of practicing essay writing for the lengthy list of scholarships that I am still applying for to this day. In late October I got a congratulatory email from the foundation inviting me to the regional finals. 40 students from Vancouver and the greater area of Vancouver at UBC being interviewed to advance to national selections. I had no idea what to expect but little did I know what kind of connections I would make and the kind of amazing people I would get to know. Overwhelmed by the talent and achievements of the students my age, I went in and answered the questions as my own authentic self. I got the call on November 17th that I would be advancing to the National Selections and they would be covering my round trip and hotel stay in Toronto. Because of this I would also be receiving the finalist scholarship. I was in shock. Again, getting to meet students my age from all around the country was a phenomenal experience. I met past scholars and started to learn a lot about myself as a person throughout the entire interview process. When I got home, I got the news that I would not be receiving the full scholarship, which affected me quite a bit. Getting so close to something, and feeling deserving of it, especially something like the LORAN which aligns perfectly with my aspirations and future goals impacted me tremendously. The morning of the day I was getting back to school, I woke up at 5am PST which was 8am EST. I went downstairs still feeling sad, and opened my math homework and planner to make sure I was all caught up. Something motivated me to make a list of everything I had learned and I wanted to share it as I think it is important to reflect on what you learn from ‘failures’ if this is what we are calling this. After looking at the list, I realized how applicable these lessons are going to be after high school and how relevant they are to anyone who feels like they are going through something, so I thought I would share. I have always wanted my blog to be a space where I could share aspects of personal growth and I had never really got to incorporate it (aside from my yearly motivational quotes) because I did not know how to make it flow seamlessly. But this list felt so naturally fitting that I wanted to share, so, without further ado…Here are life lessons I am going to graduate with:

1. Don’t go into any experience with pre-conceived opinions, live through it as YOURSELF, then make your own. 

Throughout the weekend, I found myself trying to gather information on the process before actually living through it myself. Obviously, being prepared is important and research is crucial to being prepared. However, it is important to not have any pre-conceived notions about the experiences!

2. Don’t expect, appreciate!

3. Work for relationships and memories, NOT awards.

4. Personal growth and stability are just as important as professional growth and stability, if not more.

Someone, a past scholar I believe, actually mentioned this to me during the weekend. I think, personally this is something that I have neglected a bit, especially this past year with all of the craziness that comes with senior year, and I am starting to get this back on track.

5. Your glass is not half empty or half full, just be thankful enough that you have a glass.

This was shared with us during one of the talks prior to the interviews. The talks were so engaging and incredibly insightful that I am so thankful for the experience of just receiving these words. This quote is from ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ and I have a feeling that once I read the book in its entirety I will have another personal growth post to update you guys with.

6. Just talk to people.

Every single conversation I had with one of the finalists, or past scholars was motivating and insightful and I hope that this encourages me to just talk to people wherever I go!

7. We are all constantly figuring out who we are. 

8. Have conversations with others that make you learn ideas about the world, that allow you to reflect. 

The best kind!

9. Perfection does not exist. In yourself, in others, in this world. 

10. Let your voice be heard, but don’t let others hear negativity. 

Funny enough, after I wrote this list I searched up ‘What to do when you lose something you wanted to win’ and one of the answers was to write a list on everything that you learned from the experience. DO IT, IT DOES HELP!

I am really thankful for this experience that I received and thankful for this creative outlet I created for myself back in the ninth grade. I am looking forward to sharing more stories like this one. And of course, more fashion, travel and beauty!



I am actually joining a creative journal as a team lead for fashion & lifestyle section. It is going to be a journal empowering the voices of young woman specifically minorities and LGBTQ+ and I am super excited to be a part of it. Please follow us here and stay tuned for our first edition releasing late March/early April!

If you are a brand who wants me to review their product feel free to email me at my business contact:


See you in the next one, Ashiana xx. 


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